Monday, 21 December 2009


When looking back through this blog and its many posts, you get a real sense of two emerging themes. One, the children being immensely proud of their work. Two, that this work is being shared and co-constructed between peers and families. Excellent tool in the hands of such wonderful experts.

Wristbands as a way to promote pupil voice?

I think these wristbands are great. They look very cool, but more than that they allow the children autonomy over their learning, instant access to a great set of tools to manipulate and publish their ideas. The fact that the software stays o the band and does not need uploading, downloading, all kinds of loading is great. it keeps the concept simple but very effective. The video aspect is a concern as it limits the children's interaction with digital medias. After seeing some of the projects developing I am now asking myself this question, if each child had one, would their opportunities for personalising their learning, communicating their voice and sharing their learning motivations become a reality within our school. simple answer, yes.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Black History Month

Tharmajan researched Michael Jordon for his black history project. Here are a few picutures that he found on the Internet.

Instruction on how to make a sandwich

Steven wanted to share how to make a cheese and cucumber sandwich.
Well done Steven

I really enjoyed making my document using the wristbands. I think my work will be really helpful to others.



Faizan used his wristband to display a table that he found on the Internet to help everyone with their numeracy.
Well Done.
Mrs. Barker
I liked my project because you can be an expert on maths.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

scary picture

I like using Smart writstband becase you could draw and design things. We could record our drawing as well. So that others could see how you can draw things. Also it is easy to type and get pictures onto slides.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Michael Jackson

I started using my wristband a few weeks ago. I decided to do Michael Jackson for black history month project. I thought I would use my wristband so that I could share with my family and class mates.

I have realy liked using the wristband as you can use different colours and different size.
You even don`t have to draw shapes becuase you can press the shape button.
by Rishi