Sunday, 19 July 2009

Great idea!

The wristband is a great idea. I am a teacher at Gearies and I often want to prepare my lessons at home. Because I don't have the Smart board software at home I usually have to go back to using power point. The wristband now makes prepartation a lot easier.

The smart board tools are easy to use and it is a lot easier to go forwards and backwards on pages when you teach a lesson. Inserting pictures by using the camera or copying and pasting is a lot easier as well.
The children in my class see me use this programme almost every day and found it easy to understand and use independently.
The only negative thing is that it is a lot harder to add video clips, and sound.
It doesn't have that "wow factor" of words/picutres flying in.

Mrs O'Driscoll
Class teacher

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  1. Really agree with all that you have said Erica. The wristbands are great. Instantly accessable, matching classroom practice, simple, effective and very trandy looking. I want one! But there is an issue with video and audio material.